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About LatAm Dialogue

A dialogue always goes two ways. But when it comes to global media, conversations are often one-sided. Western topics take up most of the content of English language headlines, printed words and spoken conversations.  However, in Latin America, aside from engagement with local issues, people also read about US elections, learn about Brexit at university, and discuss the European refugee crisis around the dinner table. 


LatAm Dialogue seeks to bridge this gap. It aims to fill in the missing half of the conversation by exposing the English-speaking world to Latin America’s issues, news, histories, and trends. As one of the most under-represented regions in English language media, it is time to put Latin America in the spotlight.


On this website, you will find articles, a podcast series, photo essays and more- all in English. This is a platform for anyone interested in the region to engage with and/or create content to foster discussion.

If you are interested in contributing please see the 'contribute' section in the menu above. 



Disclaimer: The views expressed on LatAm Dialogue are solely those of the authors in their private capacity and do not represent or reflect the views of LatAm Dialogue or its team members.

Meet the team
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Sonja Rijnen- Founder and Editor in Chief

Sonja is half-British, half-Dutch and grew up primarily in London and Madrid. After finishing school in 2015 she travelled through Latin America and fell in love with the region and since then she has returned to spend a year studying in Chile. She graduated with a degree in Politics from the University of Edinburgh and is primarily interested in Latin America's political economy and gender politics. Sonja now works at the European Parliament in Brussels. 

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Isabel Leask- Deputy Editor

Isabel is currently completing her Masters degree in Latin American Studies at Leiden University. She is half-Scottish, half- Mexican and spent her year abroad studying at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Her studies have focused on colonial Mexican history and a variety of contemporary Latin American issues including human rights and neocolonialism

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Lucas Reynoso- Editorial team

Lucas is a politics and Latin America enthusiast from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He graduated with a degree in International Relations from the University of Edinburgh. Lucas also spent a year studying at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) during which he consolidated a keen interest in the region. He is especially interested in identity, political discourses, and the evolving dynamics of Latin American regionalism and nationalism.

Fernanda Revilla- Social Media

Fer is a Mexican student that grew up on the coast of Veracruz, a large state located in the Gulf of Mexico. Her love for her birthplace and the social dynamics of her country sparked her passion for learning about political decision making. She is completing her last semester of International Relations and Political Science at the Universidad de las Américas Puebla. Her main interests include human rights, gender studies and development projects.

Bridie McGrail- Editorial Team

Bridie is a ‘Latin American Studies’ Masters student at Leiden University. She grew up in London but has also lived in Spain and Portugal, where she worked as an English teacher. She has also spent time travelling in Latin America. Her Masters research focuses on the autonomous feminist movements in Nicaragua and El Salvador.

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